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What do I do with my expertise?

I’ve got a lot of experience and knowledge that could really help my clients.  How do I bring that forward? When managers coach employees, they often have the advantage of experience or additional knowledge.  Coaching is about co-creating; accompanying your team...

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Fighting fires. No Time to Coach.

Fighting fires. No Time to Coach.  My department has real challenges that need to be solved immediately.  I don’t have time to coach.  How can I build up my team and still make our deadlines? Managers and department heads often struggle with what Charles Hummel...

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Client is looking for answers.

Client is looking for answers.  What do I do when clients look to me to provide answers? I’ve been clear about my role as coach, but they keep looking to me for advice.  How can I help them help themselves? First, I think it is important to appreciate that...

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