Have you ever found yourself admiring someone for what they believed in even though you may not have agreed with them? Right or wrong you have to respect someone who takes a position and stands by it.

Innately, this is what we all want from others. How often have we said to ourselves, “You know, I’m not crazy about so-and-so but, at least, I know where I stand with them.” The tough thing about taking a stand is that we’re not going to please everyone and we’ll probably alienate a few others in the process.

News flash… Isn’t that what happens in our lives anyway?
Often times we’re so focused on doing and saying the right thing we become bland and uninteresting. Ask a newspaper editor, book publisher, talk radio host or television show producer what they’re looking for and they will ALL say, “Someone with a point of view.” That’s what’s interesting. That’s what sells. And, bottom line, that’s what we all want from the people in our lives.
There is more than one way to take a stand:
  1. Stand up for what you believe in.
  2. Stand down from a position where you feel compromised.
  3. Stand back from a situation that doesn’t feel right.
Take a stand today and, without moving a muscle, you’ll also be stepping into integrity. You’ll be more interesting, more respected, and maybe even admired.


Author Will Craig is the Founder of Coach Training Alliance and holds a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development. He is co-author of the #1 best-selling coaching home study course – the Coach Training Accelerator. www.willcraig.com

Will Craig travels the world researching and documenting the subtleties and nuances of a life well lived. Will’s passion is creating dynamic stories using engaging content and captured moments. A select number of his travel photos can be seen at National Geographic and the full collection here.

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Will is the founder and former dean of Coach Training Alliance, an international coaching and mentoring company based in Boulder, Colorado. He holds a master’s degree in education and human development from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Will has worked with entertainment giants like the Walt Disney Company, Up with People, and Universal Studios. For twelve years, he was a writer-producer of film and television projects in Orlando and served as president of the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association.